I want my innocence back ♥

Hey I'm Ashley. I'm 24. From Buffalo, NY.

I like metal,piercings,tattoos,combat boots,books,the Victorian era, vampires,video games,Gothic fashion and art,corsets,Cristina Scabbia
(She's somebody I look up to),The Phantom of the Opera,anything old and creepy from a different era, etc.....

The majority of what i post on here isn't mine.


Killswitch Engage || World Ablaze

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Top 10 favourite women in Rock/Metal - 7. Cristina Scabbia(Lacuna Coil)

"Sometimes you just have to sit, think, cry, scream, get fuckin’ angry, before you notice that the smile you are seeing on your face is even bigger than the one you were wearing before the storm. Don’t worry too much. Life is a cycle.”

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Live San Petersburgo @Club Kosmonavt - 7/7/14


Live San Petersburgo @Club Kosmonavt - 7/7/14

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Behold the perfection that is La Luna era Sarah Brightman.  Goddess is an understatement.  

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"Courage is very important. Like a muscle, it is strengthened by use."


Ruth Gordon

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"Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic."

#Alissa White-Gluz